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Shipping Courier Price Increase

Heads Up!

"Annual price increase?"

"Do I need to pay more now?"

The Reason Behind

As usual, shipping couriers increase their shipping rates every year all around the world due to inflation.

The Earth's natural resources like fuel is always decreasing, making fuel more and more expensive in the future.

This especially affects all international shipment by air freight because all planes use high quality fuel which is not cheap.

Sometimes price changes may also indicate an upgrade of shipping services so that customers can enjoy better, faster, safer shipments all around the world.

We believe that all shipping couriers we have chosen to partner with currently, have good and reasonable rates.

What Happens Now?

Well, we have good news for you!

Rest assured that you will still get to enjoy FREE global shipping for orders above $49!

We will still maintain the free shipping quota at $49 even if it means we need to cover more than usual.

Seems like we should be the ones to be more worried about the price increase as we are the ones covering your shipping fees.

Do remember that you can always purchase a couple pairs together with a friend to save shipping fees.

Though we are unable to provide en exact timing of the price increase, we would like you to keep calm and stay awesome for we have your back.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

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