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Congratulations! You are affiliated with us!

Get a quick reminder of what it means to be in our sponsorship program.
The information listed here may be updated from time to time.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to DM us at Instagram @momokolens


  1. Check the products received.
  2. Schedule a date to wear the lenses.
  3. Take clear/HD photos and post on Instagram.
  4. Tag and mention us in your photo so that we can keep track.
  5. State your discount code in your post or in your bio.
  6. Repeat the steps for next pair.


  • You can take photos/videos of the products for Instagram story before opening.
  • If you have any issues with your lenses, kindly DM us via Instagram "@momokolens".
  • Please post your photos separately in different posts.
  • It would be awesome if you can email us your photos to "[email protected]".
  • Try to complete sponsorship within one month after receiving the products, or inform us if you need more time.
  • Having good collaboration experience will ensure long term partnership.


  1. Discuss a plan with us on how you would like to hold your giveaway.
  2. We will inform you the prize(s) which we will be sponsoring.
  3. Start the giveaway event via Instagram.
  4. Winners will be selected for the prize(s).
  5. Repeat the steps for next event.


  • Each giveaway event may be unique.
  • Each giveaway event must include participants to follow us in Instagram "@momokolens".
  • Depending on different events/situations, shipping fees may not be covered by us.
  • Holding a giveaway event usually means your fans/followers would be the one receiving gifts, and not the organizer.
  • Having good collaboration experience will ensure long term partnership.


  1. Promote your discount code as much as possible.
  2. After your discount code has been used up to a certain number, we will reward you with store credits.
  3. You can cash out of store credits to your PayPal account upon request.
  4. Store credit can be used to exchange any products in our store.
  5. Current TOP PROMOTER in our store is "HAKKEN".


  • Each promoter will have your own requirement for rewards.
  • The usage of discount code and reward are calculated automatically by our system.
  • We are unable to inform the promoters if you have been rewarded with store credits.
  • You may be charged a transaction fee for cashing out store credits via PayPal.
  • A minimum of $10 is required to cash out store credits via PayPal.
  • Having good collaboration experience will ensure long term partnership.
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